Jose Antonio Morales

Online Training Course

Let’s deconstruct the patterns of Fear that keep us from achieving our best potential. Let’s embrace freedom, purpose, and wisdom.

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Your Life Purpose in 20 Sessions

Having a sense of purpose is IMHO one of the most useful tools to lead a satisfying life. This training program is for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and any person that is looking for deliberate personal development.

Personal coaching sessions

I'm happy to offer you 45-minute sessions to support you on the following topics:

  • Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation.

  • Social Impact Measurement

  • Business modeling: ideation, feedback.

  • Personal development.

  • Life and Business Purpose.

Aurora Coworking

Aurora Coworking opened its doors in the year 2015, since then we achieved two consecutive awards as best Coworking Space in Slovenia.
Aurora Coworking uses a self-sustaining model for Coworking Spaces in small cities, towns, rural areas. We use a cooperative approach to build community and raise entrepreneurship.
Would you like to start up your own Coworking Space? Let me help you with that.

Fear & Fail

It all started in 2013 with one question:
Is it possible that we do not learn from failure?
F&F started with a conference in Slovenia and continued with multiple conferences, meet-ups, training courses in at least six European countries, reaching thousands of persons.
Today F&F is the foundation for my training sessions, coaching practice, and it is the base for my framework for innovation.
A spinoff from F&F is what we call Deconstructing Fear.

These initiatives operate under on company name: Skrivnostni Otok d.o.o. so.p.

I love meeting people, new cultures, and having fun. I enjoy creating space for deep conversations and learning.

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